Parker : Stephanie Macneil


Parker : Stephanie Macneil

 Parker : Stephanie MacneilParker

Gay. Gay and bullied. Gay and bullied and in love. Gay and bullied and in love with a straight boy.

Artistic 16-year-old Parker didn’t choose this. Who would choose to be thrown against the lockers every day and harassed in gym class? It’s no easy life, but it’s his life, and Parker is simply trying to make something of it.

It really doesn’t help though when the love of your life is the one always protecting you from danger and you can’t even tell him how you truly feel. That would ruin everything. And after the past that he’s had, he just can’t risk being abandoned again.

Parker is the coming of age about a courageous boy who discovers who he is and what he’s capable of through the hits that life throws at him. Through turmoil and despair, secrets and heartbreaks, Parker must decide if this world is really worth all the pain. If his life is really worth fighting for.

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