Seraph’s Gambit : Wayne Basta

Seraph’s Gambit : Wayne Basta

Seraph's Gambit : Wayne BastaAfter the horrors of the AI War, Captain Ariana Harkins wanted a simple life-running cargo aboard her transport ship Seraph.

With her trusted crew, she found a brief quiet life at the edge of civilization, but always flying on the razor’s edge of bankruptcy.

When an old friend comes to her for help, she thinks she’s finally found the big score that will settle her debts.

But when their first stop leaves them facing off with pirates, giant alien spiders, and a towering Rokma known for their fierce tempers, Ariana must sort out friend from foe.

While Ariana just wants to keep her crew safe, if they fail to deliver their cargo on time, it could mean the end to everything.



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