Strange In Skin : Sara V. Zook

Strange In Skin : Sara V. Zook

Strange In Skin : Sara V. ZookStrange In Skin

Forbidden love.  A preacher’s daughter and an inmate. He’s even more dangerous than Anna suspected as he lures her in with his striking blue eyes and soft words. What is it about him that makes her want to know more, become obsessed with figuring Emry Logan out piece by piece? He has a secret he’s never told anyone before.

She’s taken off guard with her own actions. She’s never let her thoughts drift this way or allowed her emotions to become this out of control. Life had always been so simple before Emry Logan showed an interest in her as well.

Then he proves his secret to her.  He belongs to another world.  She can’t believe what her own eyes are telling her. She has to free her beautiful prisoner from the bars preventing her from being able to touch him.

Her family and others from their community join forces with an evil woman who seems to know more about Emry than anyone else. This woman doesn’t just want him locked away, she wants him dead. Anna’s own identity is also being questioned as she discovers that once a secret is unlocked, even more can come tumbling forward.

Once naive to the world around her, Anna discovers sometimes the truth can force you to grow up and go down paths never traveled before. Sometimes those you think you trust around you are really the ones trying to hold you back with lies and their own dark pasts. Anna has to distinguish her own reality from deception in order to be with Emry before she suffocates in the whirlwind that is suddenly becoming her future.

The Strange in Skin Trilogy:  Strange in Skin, Evadere and Solace.

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