Root Healing : Marc B Rüedi

Root Healing : Marc B Rüedi

Root Healing Book 1 : Marc B RüediThe best way to explain, what is really new in this new generation modality might be this:

Root Healing is modern energy-psychology: We do not go into content and significance (We do not go into the past, no stories told), but use energy-structures.

We release one after the other all sub-conscious thoughts, all low emotions and all somatics – which attach the client in present time to the residing, encapsulated energy-construct from a traumatic incident.

This includes the switching off of the wrongly switched on basic survival instincts (Fight/Flight/Freeze). They get activated in the traumatic incident but if they are not allowed to dramatize the trigger out – they will stay switched on over time, influencing the person emotionally and even causing sickness.

After all, this is cleaned out (which is easier and fast as it sounds), the client can then let go of the whole stuck ‘energy-construct’ itself – experiencing a substantial energy shift.

Root Healing is simple, fast, deep and permanent. The book is easy to understand, the technique easy to be applied. If you work with new people they are instantly interested in the process and eager to go along.

Root Healing might be the only true 4 Stage-Release-Rundown on this Planet:
– it clears your thoughts
– it releases your emotions
– it starts the Healing Process of your body
– it frees you step by step as a Being

The Root Healing Book I is also a fundamental book of basics. This might be the first time anyone explained these basics to you in such a thorough, clear and simple way.

I am so sure that it will surpass your expectations, that I have published it in ‘leanpub’ – where you get your money back within 45 days just with 2 clicks – should you be disappointed by it in any way.

Foreword by Dr Thornton Streeter
A 4-Stage Release Rundown
It is available as PDF. Size A4, 225 pages, 22 pictures.

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