Retirement Planning & Investing : King A. Kovacs

Retirement Planning & Investing : King A. Kovacs

Retirement Planning & Investing : King A. KovacsPlanning to make investments for a retirement portfolio? There are many questions to be answered.

Are exceptional investments that provide an average long-term return of 15% open to investors?

Who are they? How are they be contacted?

Can investments be made without using a Broker or Dealer?

Can changes from one IRA asset to another be made?

What are the risks? What are the minimum investment purchases?

This guide book answers these questions and much much more. Savvy investors scrutinize investment costs; current performance & returns; long-term performance & returns; and income and/or capital gains distributions. And, they make these investments without the service of a Broker or Dealer. The profits and returns are theirs 100%!

Plans and investments have to include 1) the risk; 2) the on investments; and 3) the savings committed weekly, monthly, or yearly to purchase retirement portfolio assets.

In search of successful mutual fund retirement investments, “financial decisions” are based on facts. An excellent retirement portfolio is to build and maintain traditional Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). Mutual fund investments should provide gains in good times and minimal losses in bad times. The major benefit is all income and capital gains received are tax deferred until the age of 70½. But, all distribution must be reinvested and not withdrawn!

The book, Retirement Planning and Investing give insight to financial prosperity. There are financial reports on 20 equity/stock mutual funds; 4 hybrid mutual funds; and 11 Bond mutual funds. These are exceptional and successful investments. The majority of these mutual funds ranked A+ (1) in their respective financial category. The 5-year average return 24 mutual funds in 24 investment categories are 12.53), ever year.

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