Rethinking America : Richard OttoThis volume is my reflective journey in search of the truth as I rethink the meaning of our past wars, the assassinations of our progressive leadership, the growth of our national security complex, the overall history of the country and the vitriolic nature of our current politics.

The conclusions I ultimately deduced from my research are astonishing and disturbing, but, nevertheless, if we are willing to embrace truth, there is still time to save our country and the planet in which we all live.

But we must act with urgency, not the incrementalism that the Democratic establishment are casually pursuing, or in the case of the Trump administration are repudiating, for the present difficulties that confront the nation and humanity require comprehensive solutions that are sufficient to drastically diminish the real threats that extreme poverty, pervasive injustice, unfettered power, perpetual war and climate change so horrifyingly represent.

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Rethinking America: Lies Masquerading as Truth : Richard Otto

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