Research It Solo, Research It Micro : Tishana SimonResearch It Solo, Research It Micro: Research made quick and affordable for Solo- and Micro-entrepreneurs

Data is useless, but information is useful. Research is the only way to get more information so you can make better decisions for your business. Decisions about why your sales aren’t what they use to be or why you cannot find quality employees, for example. Help find solutions to your low revenue, changing clients, poor productivity, lost profits and other business struggles with hardcore facts and not guessing.

Get this Do It Yourself Research Guide especially made for solo-entrepreneurs and micro-entrepreneurs who have little time and money. Getting better information can be done on your own. With Data Minders Business Research’s new Ebook “Research It Solo, Research It Micro” you can find many tips and tricks on doing research for your business right.


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Research It Solo, Research It Micro : Tishana Simon

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