Cupid’s Pursuit : Patrick Shanahan

Cupid's Pursuit

Cupid’s Pursuit : Patrick Shanahan

Cupid's Pursuit : Patrick ShanahanCupid’s Pursuit

Matthew Malarkey is a man on a mission. To find a soul mate. Following the breakup of his marriage he has searched in vain for a new relationship.

Encouraged by his good friend Cecil Delaney, he has lived a hectic social life, trawling bars and clubs, but with no success in finding that meaningful connection. Cecil, a straight talking, cockney Londoner who loves to party, suggests that he tries the world of internet dating.

Matthew signs up on line in the pursuit of love and embarks on a series of dating escapades, with a variety of ladies, only to find that Cupid does not make the quest for love easy.

As Matthew searches for that elusive spark, he finds himself becoming involved in a succession of entanglements, culminating in a date he doesn’t want – with the law.

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