Our Shared Sacred Space : Balu Athreya

Our Shared Sacred Space : Balu Athreya

Our Shared Sacred Space : Balu Athreya

Our Shared Sacred Space : Balu AthreyaConfluence of East and West, Science and Spirituality

This book is an attempt to merge the ancient with the modern; reason with faith; science with spirituality; and the eastern with the western philosophy.

In this age of instant communication and inter-stellar travel, we have the knowledge and technology to experience and share this “living landscape”, our Sacred Space, Mother Earth; but have not developed the “heart” to do so.

This book is an attempt to stimulate that interest. It is to highlight the common threads of humanity in this age of conflicts. It is to show that we need both reason and faith.

It is to document that wisdom is not the special province of any one culture. It is to help develop shared sacred space, shared values and shared celebrations of life on this planet.

In addition, there are two novel ideas in this book. The first is a suggestion that “Information” be considered a major centerpiece of universal building-block. It becomes the fifth element after matter, energy, space and time.

The second relates to the concept of “soul”. As a physician, I wondered why we should not look at “soul” as a concept akin to the concept of disease.

Disease has no existence of its own apart from a living body, although we describe them as if they do. The concept of soul can be explained the same way without diminishing its significance.

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