Rendezvous : Nowick Gray

Rendezvous : Nowick Gray

Rendezvous : Nowick Gray

Rendezvous at Jumbo Pass: A Twisted Tale of Wilderness Survival

Rendezvous is a taut yet poetic wilderness adventure, with a paranormal twist. A young family is inspired to embark on a romantic quest to the heart of the British Columbia mountains. Will, a treeplanter, hikes with a companion from one side of Mirror Pass. His wife, Faron, departs from their homestead in the next valley, bringing their 3-year-old daughter, Suze. Overcoming obstacles of logistics and physical endurance, they achieve their rendezvous at a Christmas-card cabin in the pass.

That night a storm buffets the walls and rattles the roof. The real adventure begins for Will when, in a haunted series of dreams, he finds himself enclosed in a dark, oblong box lined with a series of doors. One by one he tries them and is thrown back to try again. Each time, he thinks it is morning: that he has woken to find Faron flirting with Matt; or that on the way back down on the eastern slope, he and Matt are attacked by a grizzly. One scenario finds him inside Suze’s nightmare of plunging off the road in the truck. Another door brings Will all the way around to home in a desperate search for Faron and Suze, still missing. A final choice finds him stranded in the cabin with a broken leg, refusing to open any more doors.

At last, morning arrives unchosen, with its grim outlook of sleet and fog. Any descent today would be dangerous; yet the hikers from both sides have jobs to return to, and their own investments of pride and confidence to uphold. Finding that the way down has more routes than the way up, Will must summon his last reserves of wisdom and strength to turn potential tragedy into survival.

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