Neo Creation of Life and Space/Matter : Pawel Kozycz

Neo Creation of Life and Space/Matter : Pawel Kozycz

Neo Creation of Life and Space/Matter : Pawel KozyczA (the first?) book/concept/draft about DNA engineering/economy of entire space, matter, life super law attempt/search – an active (neo anthropogenic) theory of everything.

Perspectives and proposals in the increasing participation in process control, which until now have been recognized beyond the reach of modern science. Neo anthropologic/neo technologic, neo economic visions of DNA of life/matter of neo evolution/neo creation.

This “brainstorm” book is to widen up horizons on our existence, but not quite in a philosophical way. You may be more inspired by innovations proposals that deal with climate towards fundaments for modern civilization. This includes everyone and the entire environment including his surrounding space as well. This book is an interplay of economic, technological, ecological, and crucial factors of our immediate environment that interferes with our biological existence.

Innovative socio-technological evangelism (view of evolution) or good news with signposts can literally shape your own future in your own environment and life.

Pawel Kozycz – Independent futuristic writer.
Project about new concepts of use economically, technologically tools for reshaping environment for ecologic and development goals by space explorations, medical matters.
Books: Masters of life and universe, 100 verses for life and space re-creation, Neo Creation of Life and Space/Matter or Bricks of Micro Drone Revolution.
Studied pedagogic, technology, economy, administration, law, politic at various academies and universities.

100 Verses for Life and Space Re-Creation by Pawel Kozycz is also on Whizbuzz Books

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