Naturopathic Reiki I : K. Akua Gray

Naturopathic Reiki I : K. Akua Gray

Naturopathic Reiki I : K. Akua GrayNaturopathic Reiki I: Opening the Way

Positive energy in any form uplifts the spirit. Spirit is that unseen force of conscious energy that we refer to as life.

If life is to be lived in a state of wellness, human interaction is a necessity. Of all the human interactions, touch especially activates hormones, enzymes and nerve stimulation that promote longevity. To touch someone is to be a blessing on so many levels. Physically touch stimulates awareness in the body that prepares the mental, emotional and spiritual self to receive something from the outside world. When that something is powered by a positive force, the body, mind and spirit unconditionally opens up and draws in that which nourishes, soothes and heals.

Reiki is a timeless therapy that provides the human experience with a limitless supply of energy to stimulate regeneration in the physical body, enhances positive outcomes in the mental body, balances the emotional body and reconnects to the divine in the spiritual body.

To learn the techniques of a touch therapy healing art prepares the individual for an accelerated intake of global force consciousness. This is a realm of learning that few embark on. It is a system of change in one’s life that requires discipline, dedication and a reconnection to a way of living that separates you from the masses.

Reiki challenges the serious therapist to tap into an area of human ability that resides in the other 85% of the brain’s capacity. To know the full function of an energy medicine puts the Reiki therapist back in touch with the human ability to see thousands of miles away, to feel totally empowered by the cosmic realm, to know the infinite expanse of what is available in the universe and to open the way for a moment in time where the here and now prevails.

Reiki reintroduces seekers to a way of life that was lost with the ancients during a time when all they had was their energetic abilities for survival and protection. To reconnect with this flow of life renders one timeless and prepared to be a conduit for the power of the universal life force.

Learn the step by step process to enlightening self-care with Naturopathic Reiki I as your guide to Opening the Way for improved spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health.

The first degree of Naturopathic Reiki can be used for personal growth and for non-professional use with family and friends. Naturopathic Reiki I: Opening the Way can also be used by Reiki Teachers as a textbook training manual.

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