My Plan to Ruin Your Life : Ken Montrose

My Plan to Ruin Your Life : Ken Montrose

My Plan to Ruin Your Life : Ken MontroseMy Plan to Ruin Your Life: The first recovery book written by your Addiction

In this workbook Addiction explains exactly how he plans to destroy the lives of people who don’t take him seriously. Addiction starts by convincing people they really don’t have a problem:
-You have a constitutional right to stay addicted.
-Three days in detox cures a twenty-year habit.
-You can’t be addicted, you still have a job.
-You’re not that bad, You’re drug’s not that bad. At least you don’t inject there.
-Drug testing, not drug use, is your problem. “If they hadn’t found the cancer, I wouldn’t be sick.”
-You are but a reflection of the culture, awash in chemicals and malaise.
-Not only should it be legalized, but also baked into school lunches.
-When your life is completely stress free and fulfilling, you’ll quit drinking.
-It’s all a phase you’re going through; sowing your wild oats, mid-life crisis, adjusting to old age.
-You’ll quit whenever you get pregnant.

Addiction challenges the reader to stay clean and sober despite all his tricks.

For example, he will change his appearance to look like a powdery line of success to the lawyer, a can of solidarity to the mill worker, a fine glass of sophisticated relaxation to the single mom executive, and a big cloud of acceptance to the lonely fourteen year-old.

Addiction himself describes how he plans to use the reader’s strengths and weaknesses against him. He will convince the arrogant person she is too smart to be addicted, the strong person that she need only apply a little more willpower to control his problem, and the dependent person that finding the right mate will eliminate all her problems.

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