My Ex-Best friend’s Daughter : K.C. Crowne


My Ex-Best friend’s Daughter : K.C. Crowne

My Ex-Best friend's Daughter : K.C. CrowneMy former best friend’s daughter just made a huge mistake.

Showing up in that sexy black suit with her hair tied up in a tight bun.

She’s here to show me that I’d be a fool not to hire her.

But Eden has no idea the real reason her father and I don’t speak.

Or that she has me wanting to break my number one rule: Never mix business with pleasure.


Eden’s father may have been my best friend before an epic falling out…

But I know what I want. Right now that’s his daughter.

More specifically…

Eden over my knees

Begging me to claim her innocence.

I can already picture the headlines.

‘Hot shot Director beds his much younger assistant.’


The last thing I expected was to get attached.

After our office romance she’ll have more than just memories.

I have a special gift in store for Eden.

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