More than a Hutch : Kim Montgomery

More than a Hutch : Kim Montgomery

More than a Hutch : Kim MontgomeryMore than a Hutch

More than a hutch is the autobiography of a pet rabbit.

Robbie Bobtail is destined for a life of solitude, restriction, and extreme boredom, relieved only by the antics of the two young brothers who own him.

Then, a wild rabbit unexpectedly appears in the garden. Sunshine is a female rabbit, one of a select few who are allowed to leave the warren once a year. She is strictly forbidden to associate with pet rabbits, but cannot resist when she overhears the brothers talking about Robbie. So intrigued is she by this strange rabbit, who is like no other rabbit she has met, she allows herself to be captured by the brothers.

Starting with the rabbit language, which pet rabbits have long since forgotten how to speak, Sunshine teaches Robbie all about the true way of rabbit life. Inspired by everything he learns from Sunshine, Robbie is desperate to experience warren life for himself. But first they have to find a way to escape.

Tragic circumstances force the brothers to release Sunshine, leaving Robbie alone again, wondering if he’ll ever have the opportunity to rejoin her.

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