Marked : Frank J Musumici

Marked : Frank J Musumici

Marked : Frank J MusumiciF.B.I. New York Special Agent in Charge willing to bend the law to find his missing niece.

New Jersey Mafia Capo calls in his markers to help locate his goddaughter.

A Native American whose expertise is finding missing persons comes to New York to assist.

Take a journey with the unlikeliest of characters as they come together to search for a missing girl. Learn how a Native American, a New Jersey mafia Capo and an FBI agent realize the importance of working with one another to find that girl, who happens to have ties to both the mafia capo and FBI agent. The ensuing search will take you to the most questionable of places in New York City and the New Jersey suburbs. Scenes will play out in tattoo shops, underage parties and homes on the Upper East Side.

The men will encounter both amicable and ruthless characters including a Puerto Rican tattoo artist, men of power and influence, teenage girls, criminals of all varieties, and grieving mothers, that will lead this story to a dramatic and brutal ending and will have you the reader wondering how and why it had to come to this conclusion.

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