Lightborn: An Epic Fantasy Tale of Messiah : Allen Martin Bair

Lightborn: An Epic Fantasy Tale of Messiah : Allen Martin Bair

Lightborn : Allen Martin BairWhat if Jesus Christ had been born in an epic fantasy world of knights, elves, orcs, and magic?

Twenty years before, a powerful Necromancer was defeated by the combined forces of the world of Gaetera, but not before leaving a nation and a people shattered and cursed with a living death.

At the same time, a young woman acolyte of the Divine Light gives birth to a son without a father in her convent cloister.

Years later, a young unknown human man called Ission appears within the borders of the fallen kingdom devastated by war and necromancy preaching compassion and mercy on those who have been abandoned and cast off by the rest of the world as monsters and abominations.

Rumors then begin to spread of feats of healing and miracles impossible even for the most powerful of those trained as priests or those trained in the arcane magical arts.

As Ission’s controversial teachings challenge old prejudices and unresolved conflicts, he draws the attention of monarchs and commoners alike as everyone begins to ask the question, “Who is Ission?”

In the battle-scarred world of Gaetera, the answer to that question will lead either to another devastating war, or the rebirth of a people long thought lost to the Darkness. But the message sent to the world by him will change the face of Gaetera forever: The Kingdom of Light has come.

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