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Legends : Image CurveLegends

Legends is a collection by multiple authors curated out of thousands of stories published on Image Curve. In one word Legends is a wise collection. In one sentence it is a collection of stories that will stay with you after you read them and will remind you of the facts of life when you need them most, like a good friend.

In so many words in Legends you will find literary fiction worthy of the greatest minds. Quirky contemporary stories that will make you laugh to tears. Lengthy dramas following characters through the darkest corners of life. Unique stories that you would wish were made into movies. Science fiction of the highest quality and detail that will make you want to live in a space station utopia.

Fantasy stories that will push your imagination into parallel worlds, homes of curious creatures and tribes. Above all these stories are well written and wonderfully absorbing. Image Curve takes pride in sharing these tales and many more, free and open for all. Image Curve believes in a free, self-regulating literature world, in letting creativity flow freely out of anyone with a sharp pencil and letting the readers decide its fate.

This is a collection for those who believe reading is the best way to travel.

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