Journey of an Apprentice Dreamer : Karen C. SilversteinJourney of an Apprentice Dreamer: Behold the Keeper’s Practice

“I awoke in a sweat with a feeling of terror. Was it real or just a dream? Trite question I thought to myself, I am a Dreamer after all. I should be able to make sense of this feeling, realizing that the terror came from my other reality, the Dream world. Too early to get out of bed, I wrapped the blankets around me and put my journal  within reach. Remembering that I had gotten up from my left side, I resumed that position, trusting that my dream body would be enticed to go back to this dream. I knew that by reentering this dream I could retrieve some answers. My intention being to discover what felt so terrifying”. “Dream of the Trump Seer Temperance”.

Journey of an Apprentice Dreamer, is a work composed of dreams, how to understand ones dreams as well as healing with them. The telling is also about acquiring wisdom from the master healers, who are The Keepers of Dreaming in the book. These Keepers encompass the wisdom of The Trump Seers, The Animal Seers and The Tree Seers. The reader is led by the ‘Dreamer Apprentice’ as the protagonist journeying through the lessons. This is a work comprised of dreaming and seeing with one’s intuition which then provides the reader, now a Dreamer with healing tools to be obtained from their own dreams. The journeys along the way entertain as well as enlighten.

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Journey of an Apprentice Dreamer : Karen C. Silverstein

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