Dishonored : J.R. Reardon

Dishonored : J.R. Reardon

Dishonored : J.R. ReardonDishonored

Federal District Court Judge Rebecca Tameron seemed to have it all-a loving family, a prestigious career and the respect of her community ~ that is, until her world falls apart.

Implicated in the disappearance of a Supreme Court Justice, and the shooting of a Federal agent, Tameron scrambles to uncover the truth. The problem is, each investigative leads she pursues only results in more questions, and every investigative avenue she takes leads back to her. How can she clear her name?

While exploring the reaches, limits and dangers of our increasingly security-conscious and interconnected world, DISHONORED questions the faith we place in both strangers and friends and reminds us how perilous our techno-savvy life can be.




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