It’s Not So Bad Afterall : Anyla St. Clair

It’s Not So Bad Afterall : Anyla St. Clair

It's Not So Bad Afterall : Anyla St. ClairIt’s Not So Bad Afterall

Broken hearts don’t have to stay that way…

Michelle Thomas is not your average seventeen-year-old. She spends most of her time home alone and for good reason. Her attempt at a relationship ended up being more than she could handle and she never wanted to make that mistake again. In fact, she couldn’t care less if she ever finds love again, that is, until she falls for Ja’Bauri Sessions.

Ja’Bauri Sessions is an average dude living in a below average neighborhood and everyday he struggles with the world’s perception of him. Determined for a better life he is responsible and does everything possible to make his parents proud. But is that enough to win the heart of Michelle, the most put together girl at Billings High?

Michelle and Ja’Bauri are soon to find that their lives aren’t that different, and that true love will find a way…


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