Irregular: Forty Miles From Hope : Eric Herbertson

Irregular: Forty Miles From Hope : Eric Herbertson

Irregular: Forty Miles From Hope : Eric HerbertsonIrregular: Forty Miles From Hope

The end has come. The yellow-eyed creatures shuffling across the countryside and filling the cities barely resemble the humans they once were. Transformed into predators whose only desire is to hunt those who have yet to succumb to the demonic plague.

In the middle of nowhere, isolated amid the overgrown fields of Kansas, is Hope, a sanctuary protected by reinforced fences. Walter, Hope’s leader, rescues an injured stranger, even though his outlook seems bleak. But his recovery is swift and soon, his only lasting wound is the loss of his memory.

Lilly, Walter’s young daughter, has also lost her memory of the days before the plague. The doctor hopes the two might help each other to recover. As the stranger becomes reacquainted with the world and its dangers, he discovers abilities unlike the others, yet his true nature eludes him. His memory remains fragmented, returning as disjointed images that produce more questions than answers.

When an outcast reappears to recruit new followers into his growing army, the stranger worries that Walter has boxed himself in. Hope’s residents want to feel safe and the stranger proves his worth by providing them with another option to being overrun.

When Lilly is taken from her home, the stranger, frustrated by Walter’s inaction, takes matters into his own hands. But actions have consequences and Hope must face its greatest challenge when the charismatic outcast returns.

Lilly has been keeping a secret that may be the catalyst for Walter, finally compelling him to do what he should have done long ago, an act that could end the conflict or start a war.

When the dust settles and his memory finally returns, the stranger is compelled toward a greater goal, but will he be able to fulfill his ultimate purpose before it’s too late?

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