Improve Attention To Detail : Chris Denny


Improve Attention To Detail : Chris Denny

Improve Attention To Detail : Chris DennyA straightforward system to develop attention to detail in yourself, employees, and across an organization.

This book will change the way you think about “the details”. You can improve attention to detail and this book reveals how to develop well-rounded attention to detail in yourself, in employees, and even across an organization.

Improve Attention To Detail uses simple language and moves quickly. At about 125 pages, there is no fluff. The author, Chris Denny, keeps moving and sticks to the point of the content — to help you develop and/or improve attention to detail. Whether you are focused on improving attention to detail in yourself or in others, the book’s simple and clean layout is easy to understand and identify with. We can all identify with most of the book or we know someone it directly applies to.

Chris Denny is a researcher, trainer, and consultant (as well as a business owner). He started developing the Attention To Detail Training system in 2011 when a talented employee at his company needed training to improve attention to detail. When Chris couldn’t find any valuable resources to help his employee (and his company) he began creating his own course for employees. It unexpectedly turned into a passion and in late 2016 (yes, five years later) — after hundreds of hours of research, hundreds of surveys, and numerous interviews with employees, leaders, and business owners — Chris had developed a solid and straightforward system to help people develop well-rounded attention to detail. Companies started asking him to provide training workshops so he did.

Now, this book is available to everyone. From the 3 types of attention to detail to the five fundamental elements, Improve Attention To Detail breaks the concept down into understandable chunks of actionable information. While reading it, you will find yourself saying things like, “I can’t believe I didn’t realize that before!” and “Of course! That makes so much sense now.”

Even before you finish the book, you’ll be performing better and able to help others as well.

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