House of Darkness : James Ostby

House of Darkness : James Ostby

House of Darkness : James OstbyHouse of Darkness is a literary novel that tells the story of the life of Jonathan Gorgious in Victorian England. Also featured are Simon Slope, Maxwell Backbone, Uncle Thurston, sailor Jack Blevins, and various other characters of some distinction.

Jonathan is the son of a farmer and former pugilist, Elbert, and a beautiful mother, Cordelia. Early in his life, Jonathan falls in love with a schoolmate and neighbor, Phebe Moss. They are bound together for life.

As Jonathan and Phebe’s fortunes unfold they face everyday trials and challenges with intelligent resolve. Jonathan inherits a shipping business from his uncle Thurston; Jonathan and Phebe have two daughters, Marie and Rose; Marie leaves home for years and leads a life of dissipation; Jonathon sails to Italy as a common crewmember on one of his ships. Somewhat to his surprise Jonathan finds himself immersed in his own personal philosophy, and he is afflicted with mental disorders.

In the end …, and Jonathan lives a reclusive life in his House of Darkness.

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