Higher Consciousness Meditation : Blair AbeeWould You Like To:
• Be more awake and aware?
• Deal effectively with stress, sadness, loneliness, mild depression?
• Be more alive, joyful and self-confident?
• Be more peaceful and loving?
• Begin healing yourself physically, mentally, emotionally?
• Attract good people, things and circumstances?

I’ll Show You How.

The means to accomplish these goals is a powerful new form of meditation called Higher Consciousness Meditation (HCM) that:
• Reveals an easy, powerful meditation technique that takes just 6 minutes a day
• Is for beginners and experienced meditators alike
• Provides tools for coping with this crazy world of ours and its challenges
• Establishes soul contact to become better acquainted with that part of yourself

A fun read, it’s lighthearted in its approach. While the book is written in easy to follow language for beginners, it will also have great appeal to experienced meditators because it’s not about taming the mind. Instead, it shows how to use meditation to illumine the mind—a much easier task. The book also has a number of tools, tips, triggers, and reminders to keep the momentum going throughout the day.

The means to accomplish the purpose is a powerful new form of meditation called Higher Consciousness Meditation (HCM), developed by author Blair Abee after 40 years of meditation experimentation with a number of traditions. He asked and answered the question, “What’s the best and quickest way for me and others to make and explore Higher Consciousness, Soul contact.

From Reading This Book You Will Have:
• A quick, easy, very powerful meditation technique that can be done in just a few minutes a day
• Tools for coping with this crazy world of our and its challenges
• Ways of mastering life’s ups and downs, twists and turns
• A reminder of “who you really are” and how to become better acquainted with that part of yourself
• More peace of mind, love, joy, abundance, and self-confidence
• A method for making better decisions

The Book Covers These Compelling Topics
• Who Are We? Why Are We Here? Where Are We Going? Short answer: We are eternal beings who inhabit a biomechanical vehicle, have existed since the beginning and will continue into infinity.
• The difference between the everyday 3-dimensional world of ego/mind and the 5-Dimensional World of Spirit/Mind. How to get in touch with the latter.
• What is Meditation? What is Higher Consciousness Meditation? Explained in detail.
• The Higher Consciousness Meditation Process—step by step.

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Higher Consciousness Meditation: Living a Life of Inner Richness and Mastery : Blair Abee

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