Escape Or Perish: The Rapture : Dr John S WeekesEscape Or Perish: The Rapture

An inspirational and futuristic novel about the End Times, chronicling events in the immediate aftermath of Christ’s appearance, the rapture of the Church, and beyond.

The novel is a saga about the heightened national and international conflicts in the world, the universal breakdown of law and order and the resultant lawlessness, murder, rape, arson, the appearance on the world scene of the Man of Sin posing at first as an Angel of Peace, the figurative White Horse and Rider; who later changed his spot to red and black and pale, ushering in with each change, wars famine and death.

The culmination were two great and devastating world wars and finally Armageddon, the war that ended all wars, followed by a thousand years of peace; and finally the appearance of Christ to establish his everlasting Kingdom on earth.


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Escape Or Perish: The Rapture : Dr John S Weekes

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