Discovering Your Optimum Happiness Index (OHI) Quotes Handbook 365Q : Errol A. and Marjorie G. Gibbs

Discovering Your Optimum Happiness Index (OHI) Quotes Handbook 365Q : Errol A. and Marjorie G. Gibbs

Discovering Your Optimum Happiness Index (OHI) Quotes Handbook 365Q : Errol A. and Marjorie G. GibbsDiscovering Your Optimum Happiness Index (OHI) Quotes Handbook 365Q

(A Chronology of Optimum Happiness Index (OHI) Quotes to Engage, Enlighten, and Empower Your “Pursuit of Happiness”)


This handbook “Discovering Your Optimum ‘Happiness Index’ (OHI) Quotes Handbook 365Q” is a rich, inspirational, and chronological listing (abbreviated) of verses taken from our main book “Discovering Your Optimum ‘Happiness Index’ (OHI).” Marjorie and I began our inquiry in earnest in the year 2000 as a response to the question “What is happiness?” In the year 2015, the analysis gave birth to “Discovering Your Optimum ‘Happiness Index’ (OHI) Project.” It is our way of presenting our primary text in an innovative “reading by verses” format. Read this handbook, and you will discover the greatness of the divine creation and the awe-inspiring purpose of your existence on Earth.

This collection of 365 quotes will engage, enlighten, and empower your search for happiness. Whether you are an academic, intellectual, visionary, philosopher, or a lay-people, you will derive intrinsic benefits from these quotes. They will change the way you think about happiness, your purpose, and our shared destiny. They will engender “new” hope for human survival, informed by the vast “body of knowledge” given to us by the great biblical prophets, ancient writers, visionary leaders of yesteryear, and contemporary writers.

The postmodern world has ushered in significant advancements in fields such as religion, education, science and engineering, social sciences, and medicines. Notwithstanding these achievements, the fundamental truth of our existence has not changed over the centuries. We are interdependent beings that rely on each other for our ‘happiness nurturing,’ and our survival as a viable species.

Nations still compete unfairly and often make war over differences in ideology, religion; the quest for territory; military supremacy, and the world’s natural resources. These and other unresolved challenges of past and present centuries imperil human existence and cause great unhappiness. Marjorie and I respond to these observations from a perspective of our combined travel experiences on four continents—Africa, Europe, North America, and Oceania—approximately twelve countries, twenty-four states, and about one hundred cities, towns, and villages over several decades.

Global travel afforded us a “panoramic view” and put us on the “front lines” to observe how people in these parts of the world experience happiness and unhappiness. The observation is the same, the need for love, peace, hope, happiness, and “joy.” Whether you live in the Orient or the Occident, wealthy or poor, academic or layperson, religious or irreligious, we invite you to join us in a Global Optimum Happiness Index Movement (GOHIM) as a critical enabler in the pursuit of a better world for current and future generations.

Happiness means to discover one’s genius, which is to determine one’s highest capability, and develop it to the “Optimum.” Happiness means to understand that all people have a common desire for universal love, fairness, and justice. It means honesty and integrity, competency in business, generosity in spirit, and sharing thoughts, hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Reading this handbook will inspire hope for the twenty-first century and the new millennium. It will encourage you to life–changing actions for your betterment and the betterment of humanity. It will better inform your journey in your search for “Optimum Happiness” (OH), underpinned by “joy” — the higher Imperative of happiness.

“This handbook is a timely and relevant encapsulation of the multifaceted dynamics encountered in one’s ’search for happiness.’ Not only have the authors opened up a panorama of ways to view happiness, but their self-directed guide [in their main book] also challenges the reader to examine their personal past, present, and possible future states of happiness. Their extensive body of work speaks to individuals from all lifestyles and professions.” ― Karla A. Hutchinson-Skeete, MSEd (Educator), Current Doctoral Candidate, Decatur, Georgia, USA

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