Departure From Indifference : Octavio A. MeloWe don’t get to choose the reality we want—no matter how badly we want it. We can, at best, use our powers of observation and perception to try to understand the one we have. And if we are to be true to this process, then we must neither add nor detract from that which can be perceived when we provide an account of our observations.

But the questions that we must address in this pursuit are not insignificant. Within the mechanical aspects of a material universe, questions of meaning and purpose seem illusory, even out of place, but their weight and significance cry out not to be ignored… we yearn to understand, to have a sense of the purpose of our being.

Inevitably, it must all come together at some point, even if that point lies outside our current level of understanding. This work, which owes so much to the efforts of countless others, is but a simple attempt to point in that direction.



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Departure From Indifference : Octavio A. Melo

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