Wynter’s Horizon : Dee C. May

Wynter's Horizon

Wynter’s Horizon : Dee C. May

 Wynter's Horizon : Dee C. MayWynter’s Horizon

College senior, Wynter Murello, has a secret. One so devastating, she can’t even share it with her closest friends. The weight of it drags her down as she tries to forget. And slowly, she begins to come undone. Making mistake after mistake, she finally hits rock bottom when the only other person who knows the truth catches her in his trap.

As Wynter spirals down, fate throws her a rope. She meets the mysterious Reginald Beck: handsome, kind, chivalrous, and just a bit mysterious. While something about him and the world he comes from scares her, their connection is undeniable. He seems to be the only person who understands how to mend her broken pieces.

Beck feels it too. From the moment he first spots her across a crowded bar, she triggers an attraction unlike anything he has ever felt—and a memory he can’t place. Intrigued and attracted to Wynter, he pursues answers, uncovering secrets about her life—and his own. But some decisions have lasting consequences, and time is running out for the two of them.

Beck’s past is coming back to haunt him, and his supernatural powers have been exposed. Beck and Wynter must confront the truth or risk losing each other, forever.

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