Wet & Wild : David Ellis

Wet & Wild

Wet & Wild : David Ellis

Wet & Wild : David EllisWet & Wild

‘Wet and Wild’ is a pet store on the Holloway Road in Islington, North London. Outwardly, the store seems normal, if a bit rundown, but on the inside it becomes a glorious and other-worldly emporium, and its animal inhabitants have a habit of attracting press attention due to their talents and the mishaps they get into.

There’s Cyril, the obese mind-manipulating cat, Tibetan terrier Bruno whose gecko pads allow him to climb walls and ceilings, and Freakin’ Frank, a dancing chameleon, who seems all set to take Ibiza by storm.

Shape-shifting pet store owner Roderick has his own issues to deal with as he has two twins inside him, battling to exert their own personality over the other one. Roderick’s assistant Brian has astonishing Dr Doolittle like tendencies, but can he manage the store while Roderick chases his true passion of acting? Probably not, if Ebenezer the goldfish has his way!

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