Confessions of a Rodeo Clown : Peter Schutes

Confessions of a Rodeo Clown : Peter Schutes

Confessions of a Rodeo Clown : Peter SchutesConfessions of a Rodeo Clown

Rodeo is the toughest sport. It’s savagely violent; even the clowns are made of steel. It’s no surprise the cowboys are strong, deep and brutal in bed. Confessions of a Rodeo Clown is a dark, carnal road trip into the world of the lonesome cowboys and the clowns who love them.

This early (1961) masterpiece by Peter Schutes is one of his finest works of literature, and one of the raunchiest. The story reads like a romance, but the novel itself is pure smut. Shocking for the era in which it was written, the book was banned in the US until the Supreme Court widened its definition of acceptable art. This book is a work of art in every way.

The narrator, Brightie, is a naive young clown. When he meets Cody, the bull rider who makes his heart jump, together they descend into an underground network of sex, domination, and drugs, cushioned only by their mutual love. From motel rooms in Wyoming to bathhouses in Peru, the pair discover the joys of sex without bounds.

Cody struggles to keep his past buried. His colossal endowment harbors a dark secret. When Brightie stumbles into that secret, he is nearly destroyed by it. Only love, patience, and a high tolerance for pain can save the tender relationship these two have forged from bull sweat and arena dust.

N.B. Peter Schutes is a nom de plume for a modern author. His past is fictitious. The books are homages to a style of writing that vanished with the internet: the paperback smut book.

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