Chinese Blockbuster : Gilbert C Remillard

Chinese Blockbuster : Gilbert C Remillard

Chinese Blockbuster : Gilbert C RemillardChinese Blockbuster

Stimulate your brain by learning to read the most spoken language in the world!

“Read Chinese? Are you serious? How could I remember all these funny symbols? This is way too hard! But it would be nice if I could do it, though…”

With over 1 billion users, Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. Add to that the importance of China in the world economy and you end up with a situation where knowing the Chinese language gives you a tremendous advantage. Yet, most people think they will never be able to learn it because of the assumption that ‘Chinese, with its weird alphabet and sound, is too hard.’

It may have been the case in the past, but the Chinese Blockbuster Series is designed to help the reader bust out of these old mental blocks for good! Once you have completed the series, you will be able to read everything in Chinese that comes your way, like Chinese texts written with traditional characters, recent novels as well as newspapers published in mainland China, street signs displayed in the China towns of the world or tattoos your friends or movie stars may have on their body.

And do not underestimate the proven health benefits associated with learning a second language: it makes you smarter, improves your creativity and your memory, builds your self-confidence, and protects against dementia and Alzheimer’s. Because of its peculiarities, Chinese is probably the best language to learn in that department!

The Chinese Blockbuster Series is your blueprint to language proficiency. It teaches:

  • How to recall the building blocks that compose both forms of a Chinese character (simplified and traditional)
  • How to remember the various definitions of a character
  • How to memorize the various pronunciations of a character in Mandarin
  • Additional facts concerning the character, such as its frequency of use, its etymology, or its ancient meanings and shapes

The details of each character are imprinted in your brain by way of funny, dramatic or true stories, allowing you to remember all aspects of a specific character in one fell swoop. You will effectively learn to recognize and pronounce all the Chinese characters you are bound to see, while being entertained!

This is the first book of the Chinese Blockbuster Series. The series goes beyond the ‘top few Chinese characters you need to know to get by,’ as people too often realize that they don’t get anywhere with such a limited number of characters. The Chinese Blockbuster Series is comprehensive and covers what is necessary for you to reach reading fluency in modern Chinese.

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