Crossroads And The Himalayan Crystals : C. Toni GrahamCrossroads And The Himalayan Crystals

Life will never be the same for four teenagers lost in a magical land. In author C. Toni Graham’s new magical novel, “Crossroads and the Himalayan Crystals” a group of teens must come to terms with their new surroundings before they lose everything they hold dear.

In the quiet town of Middlefield, an ordinary day takes a turn for the strange and wondrous when four teenagers are whisked away to The Otherworld – a land in a different dimension. As they try to rationalize what they have stumbled onto – magic, fairies and flying horses – they begin to see that this world is not a fairy tale, but one filled with danger. They must now abide by an evil druid’s bidding or risk endangering the lives of their loved ones and the magical beings they have befriended.

An excerpt from “Crossroads and the Himalayan Crystals”:

“Brigara fought back with everything she had, and it ultimately took all three of them to bind her powers. They could feel her energy surround them. The power she possessed was like nothing they had ever encountered. Their restraint spell was holding her securely, compelling her arms to be held tightly behind her back and her ankles to be forcefully bound together. She spit and screamed in their direction. She struggled and thrashed her head wildly, causing her stringy, long dark hair to fall across her flushed sweat-drenched face.”

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Crossroads And The Himalayan Crystals : C. Toni Graham

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