Bound By Fate : Amy Knickerbocker

Bound By Fate

Bound By Fate : Amy Knickerbocker

Bound By Fate : Amy KnickerbockerBound By Fate (A Novel of the Strong, Book 1)

Liv can admit: the last few hundred years of her exile on the human parallel have kinda sucked. But working as a half-naked octagon girl in Las Vegas has to be a new low––even if the crowd’s energy does “charge her up.” As a rare vampire known as a faine, and the last of her kind, Liv’s body works like a living battery, feeding off of the emotions of others. And since mortals just don’t have what it takes to keep her going for long, she’s literally been starving for centuries.

But when Liv is kidnapped by the daemon prince Toran and whisked back to his home, she starts to think that maybe things down amongst the humans weren’t so bad after all. Especially since the daemons were the ones who killed her people and left her on the run in the first place. And Toran, cursed with a nearly uncontrollable life force, is a ticking time bomb ready to blow.

Toran needs Liv to tame his raging energies so that he can fulfill his destiny. And though Liv knows that she should fight him with every ounce of strength he gifts her, every taste of his emotions leaves her wanting more… every time he touches her, he brings her closer to living the life she so desperately craves.

For a faine like Liv, the life force of a daemon, of one of the Strong, can be terribly seductive. And Toran is the strongest of the Strong…

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