Bite-Size Budgeting : Carl LanderThis book is the first step toward your financial success.

Bite-Size Budgeting offers a practical approach to personal budgeting in small pieces. It provides a step-by-step guide to building your first budget with straightforward worksheets.

This book is built for budgeting success, a clear path through the entire process with inspirational quotations and stories to keep you motivated.

It includes insights into areas that can sidetrack you, and it guides you through the process with easy-to-follow instruction.

Unlike many of the personal-budgeting books out there, this one is a quick and easily digested book that is set up to help you succeed from page one.

If you have never had a budget or are struggling with creating one, this book can help you! It is clear and effective. You will succeed by following the steps included.

The author designed this book based on his personal success. With budgeting and a drive to succeed, Carl eliminated $84,000 in personal debt. This book is the first step toward your financial success.

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Bite-Size Budgeting : Carl Lander

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