You Want Me to Do WHAT? : B. Lynn Goodwin

Journaling for Caregivers

You Want Me to Do WHAT? : B. Lynn Goodwin

You Want Me to Do WHAT? : B. Lynn GoodwinYou Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers

Are you a caregiver experiencing stress? You are not alone. Over 50 million caregivers spend every spare minute driving to medical appointments, stopping at the pharmacy, cooking, answering questions, paying bills, and helping with matters that used to be private. They feel trapped in an endless loop and need to release the stress of caregiving.

B. Lynn Goodwin’s new book, You Want Me To Do What? – Journaling For Caregivers allows users to process their stress and celebrate what is right. It gives readers open-ended instructions on spilling their guts in the safety of a private journal and offers two hundred sentence starts to help them begin writing.

Caring for oneself is as essential as breathing, but caregivers lose site of that fact. Think of the flight attendant who says, “Put on your own oxygen mask before helping those around you.” Journaling is a caregiver’s oxygen mask.

“As someone steeped in the therapeutic value of writing during pain and loss, I think B. Lynn Goodwin’s book meets a need that has yet to be addressed.” ~~Sharon Bray, Ed.D, founder and director of Wellspring Writers offering therapeutic writing groups for men and women with cancer, San Diego, CA

“Trying to find words that really matched how I was feeling was a very powerful experience for me. I feel I can see myself a bit more clearly.”
~~ JoAnn McGowan, full time mom and caregiver, Santa Clara, CA

Even the most harrowed caregiver owes herself that much. ”
~~A. Sigmon, travel writer and blogger

Author B. Lynn Goodwin is a freelance writer, former caregiver, and retired drama and English teacher who owns Writer Advice, writes numerous guest articles and stories, and is working on a YA novel.

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