Anxiety 101 : Eudene Harry MD

Anxiety 101 : Eudene Harry MD

Anxiety 101 : Eudene Harry MDAnxiety 101, The Holistic Approach to Managing your Anxiety and Taking Back Your Life

Anxiety 101: The Holistic Approach to Managing Your Anxiety & Taking Back Your Life presents readers with an overview of the condition that affects approximately sixteen million Americans and provides a list of the wide variety of integrative holistic treatment options available.

Dr. Eudene Harry combines her experience in modern medicine and passion for holistic care in this handbook for anyone who suffers from anxiety.

Harry notes that in a society that desires a pill for every ill, “it is important that we learn the root causes behind a patient’s anxiety in order to form both a proper diagnosis and treatment regimen” (46).

Anxiety 101 is intentionally structured to appeal both to patients who suffer from anxiety and medical professionals who treat the disorder.

This easily readable book includes current statistical information from reputable medical studies as well as real-life “case studies” gleamed from the author’s extensive experience as a traditional medical practitioner in a hospital setting and her current career as a holistic healthcare provider.

Readers from a variety of backgrounds will appreciate her extensive overview of the biological history of the anxiety problem our society is now facing.

For those who read Anxiety 101 in an attempt to learn more about their own disorder, Harry suggests that “arming yourself with the basic, physiological facts about how the anxiety response works is one critical step in the right direction” (102), and she provides such facts in simple terms using relatable examples.

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