Warrior King Legacy : Anthony HoggerWarrior King Legacy

Warrior King Legacy is a dramatic piece of Historical Fiction.

It tells the story of Vercingetorix, the king of the Arverni tribe, who in 53 BC became the king of all the Gauls. It depicts his need to triumph over adversity and follows him through his bloody battles against the legions of Rome led by Julius Caesar.

Warrior King Legacy has at its heart the theme of a man driven to fulfil the dream of a domineering father. The name Vercingetorix meant “Warrior King”.

Against the odds, “Getorix” unites his nation’s disparate tribes and they rise up against Rome’s tyranny.

From the struggle to build his army, to the battle to save his hometown, to the famous siege of Alesia and beyond, Warrior King Legacy is a story of courage, of love, of vengeance, and of tragedy.

What do you do when the most powerful nation in the history of the world wants to take your land, your children, your way of life? You fight!

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Warrior King Legacy : Anthony Hogger

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