Anomalies of Reality : Bruce Forciea

Anomalies of Reality : Bruce Forciea

Anomalies of Reality : Bruce ForcieaAnomalies of Reality

An anthology of science fiction short stories from Amazon Best Selling Author Bruce Forciea.

These six stories explore artificial intelligence, the ability to stop time, Earth’s last days, a teenage rebellion against invading aliens, and lethal plants. The stories range from flash fiction to traditional length.

In Alder’s Journey, a scientist quits his job as the lead on an artificial brain project and goes on a journey of self-discovery and terror.

Photosynthecide explores the symbiotic, yet fragile relationship between plants and humans as well as how plants can be a powerful ally.

One Night At AI University (flash fiction) presents an action packed scene about droid teaching assistants and a student who makes an incredible discovery.

In Timestoppers, Alzheimer’s patients given a new type of brain tissue transplant discover they have the ability to stop time.

The Meeting (flash fiction) presents a world taken over by aliens in which the adult resistance has failed and a group of teens have taken up the charge to regain control.

The Last Days tells a story about 2 scientists during the last days of a dying Earth as they race to escape before the sun explodes in a helium flash.

Bruce Forciea is the author of several fiction and non-fiction titles including: Alan 2, a cyberthriller in which an artificial intelligence scientists develops a way to combine parts of his brain with a computer program that wreaks havoc. The X-Cure which tells the story of a small team of scientists who develop a cancer cure and battle a global drug company with a secret underground mercenary army. An Easy Guide to Learning Anatomy and Physiology (Non-Fiction) is an Amazon Best Selling study guide. Unlocking the Healing Code (Non-Fiction) presents a new paradigm of healing. How to Make Your Online Courses Rock (Non-Fiction) presents techniques for improving online courses.

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