A Storm on the Delta : Lochlan Webb

A Storm on the Delta : Lochlan Webb

A Storm on the Delta : Lochlan WebbDark clouds hang over Abai like a veil. Underneath them, soldiers march to war. Nobles plot and scheme. Shadows move in the night. And young Malluh Sarham returns to his homeland, determined to disrupt the plans of Lady Hana Akarah, and avenge his family.

Further in the north a man and a boy from different worlds sail for the frozen Crigar Wastes, following the trail of dead men and dark secrets. Wil has hunted the Devoid for nearly a decade now, his instincts tell him that he is finally close to his quarry.

As the clouds over the Delta darken, the people of Abai cower, moving and shifting in a design they cannot see. While Lady Akarah is gaining more power and influence than she had ever hoped, even she begins to fear the shadows that stalk the night.

Over the Te’peph Delta, the storm rumbles.

The Crusader’s Secret by Lochlan Webb is also on Whizbuzz Books.


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