20 Years In Africa : Wenche Elin Eklund20 Years In Africa : A Husband’s Double Life

This book is based on a true story, about the young Norwegian family that wanted to experience some adventure in their life.

The story begins with the young girl and the boy from the day they met and follow them through the years.

They travel to West Africa where the husband has got a job with an international company, and we will see how they are coping with the new country.

This is a story that shows what happens when they meet different culture and live in dangerous and difficult countries with a lot of crime,prostitutes and corruption.

It is also a story that shows how difficult it is to live in with small children without all the things they are used to.

It is an eye-opener for families who want to go as expatriates to difficult countries to work and live. I learned a lot about what I should have found out about these countries before I left, it is not easy for a woman.

I knew nothing about West Africa, nothing about corruption and how difficult life could be in countries like this. When your husband is at work and travel, you are left on your own with your children.

What about the day you come back to your country and are going back to work, you have been away for many years, and have not been updated on your job. Will you get something to do? All this I did not think about but should have, I only saw the adventure we were going to have. The money we were going to earn.

How wrong I was.

When I came back, it was too late.

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20 Years In Africa : Wenche Elin Eklund

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