12 PILLS : Kirk Burris

12 PILLS : Kirk Burris

12 PILLS: An Agent Whelan Murder Mystery - Book 1FBI Agent Tom Whelan is recruited to hunt a serial killer targeting his childhood friends. New bodies surface weekly as he unravels literal nightmares in order to identify the murderer. Trauma from the loss of his former partner, and a romantic attraction to his new one, threaten to hinder the investigation. The media dubs the killer 12 PILLS.

~FROM THE NOVEL: Stuck in the mouth of each corpse was an orange, plastic pill bottle, with a white cap, marked in Sharpie. “1 of 12”, “2 of 12”, “3 of 12” were written on top—one per bottle, one per victim, one a week. 12 were planned.

Unsure who to trust, Whelan battles corruption inside the Kansas City field office, and an interfering media, whose leaked video footage of one of the victims goes viral on YouTube. His fragmented mind must connect 12 children from twenty years ago tied to a psychotic killer in this 5-star rated Crime Fiction, Mystery Thriller.
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