How will my book be seen during its year of promotion?

How will my book be seen during its year of promotion?

Whizbuzz Books uses cross-platform promotion. This means that your book will be seen and found in many ways in various locations.

When your book is posted, it will be shared on all 14 of our accounts. A first day blast, so to speak. It will then remain on the Whizbuzz homepage for at least 10 days.

After this, it will be added to our rotational social media posting queues until day 365 of your book promotion.

Your book will also be seen regularly in our More Great Reads section of every book page on Whizbuzz as well as in its two genre pages and on the 100 random books page. Depending on your book’s popularity, it may also appear in the Most Popular Titles section.

Your book will also appear on our BUZZ page every time your book is posted to one of our primary social media accounts.

Your book will also be listed twice on Pinterest. Once under new books, and again under one of your selected genres. Your book will also be posted on Goodreads, Tumblr and WordPress.

Your book will also become searchable in time on Google, Bing and Yahoo, as we add SEO optimisation to your book page.

We are always looking for new avenues to promote your books. If or when we add a new service, your book will be added to it automatically. You can see all of our current services in the header bar at top of our website.


But things can change over the course of one year. Especially concerning social media, which is now extremely volatile because of recent privacy problems and government attention.

Due to this fact, Whizbuzz Books may need to change, modify, add, replace or remove certain services during your promotion period.

We will take all measures possible to ensure your continued social media book promotion. However, we cannot be held responsible or liable for changes or terminations to social media services that individual social media networks may decide to make in the future.

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