How many books will I sell?

How many books will I sell?

Our book promotion service is open to all authors and publishers and we accept all books without restriction.

Unlike some other services, we don’t judge the content, subject or quality of the books we promote.

The only limit we have is that we do not accept overtly pornographic books or books promoting hate, racism or violence.

The book industry is very tough and crowded now, with a new Kindle ebook being published every three to five minutes. So gaining readers’ interest depends on many factors.

The quality of a book and its cover are vital. Also, how well the book description is written and how many positive or negative reviews a book has received affect a book’s sales potential.

In addition, the popularity of the genre and realistic pricing are factors that influence a book’s success.

Authors have to be willing to make efforts to use all available tools to promote their books online.

Whizbuzz Books is only one tool among many. Using our promotion service is not just about your book being showcased on our website and posted on our social media feeds.

Your book’s sales pages on Amazon and other book retailers, your website or blog and your social media pages all need to be optimised to win over book buyers when they visit your book pages.

We provide a service to spread the word and to give every book we promote as much visibility as we can possibly deliver over a one year period.

But in the end, it is up to readers to make the decision to buy it or not based on the quality, value and appeal of your book.

There is no magic button that makes readers buy books.

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