SufferStone : Stella Atrium


SufferStone : Stella Atrium

SufferStone : Stella AtriumSufferStone – Book 1 of the Dolvia Saga

On Dolvia the women of the savannah serve under the burka, but Kyle Le was denied that covering by tribal leaders. Only her gift of second sight and the mortgage on her father’s land protects her and her three sisters.

Working alongside Brian Miller from Earth, who manages a textile factory, and the warrior Cyrus, she labors against the mining enterprise that robs the savannah of its mineral wealth and leaves the tribes with only the scarred and suffering land.

Review from Lisa DuMond, online reviewer of science fiction:
“… an intriguing tale. The struggle to overcome oppression, to preserve a way of life, to maintain compassion in a cold and hateful conflict, is always interesting and involving … Atrium has a fl air for creating and maintaining an atmosphere of mysticism and mystery … she stays true to the situation, never slipping out of the frame she has set.”

SufferStone is definitely in the top ten of all I have read this year. Your use of the different belief systems and cultures was marvelous. Thank you for a very literate book and a great read.” -Steve Algieri, Editor at Eternity Online

From the Author:
“I was a great reader of science fiction as a young person, but I began to wonder why the protagonist in a sci-fi or fantasy story was always a man, even when the writer was female. Where were the stories that presented a woman as the problem solver?

A real heroine cannot call on armies to follow her, or pay assassins for special work. She may have children already, so adventure is out of the question, and family must be secure before she can enter the public square where she has no voice. I could find no books that started with this premise, so I had to write some. And that was my first reason to write.”

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