Keeper : Robyn Roze


Keeper : Robyn Roze

Keeper : Robyn RozeKeeper (Keeper Series, Book 1)

What should you do when life as you know it ceases to exist, and you don’t? Or maybe you do without even realizing it…waiting your turn.

Olivia Marshall’s life was idyllic until it all came crashing down. Literally.

Now she must save herself from the man who pulled her from the wreckage a decade ago, before he destroys her, dragging her down into his dark, tormented world. She’s taken the first steps toward gaining her freedom, and has mapped out a plan for the future.

However, when a near accident places Jake McCloud squarely in her path, Olivia decides that delaying her plan may be just what she needs. With Jake’s playboy lifestyle, Olivia doesn’t view him as an obstacle to achieving her ultimate goal. He’s just an easy, fun detour along the way. However, when Jake tells Olivia that he thinks she’s a keeper, she believes his sentiment won’t last if her past comes to light.

Yet, when she finds herself falling for the former college lacrosse star, she begins to dream of the possibility of a different outcome, a different life. Can she have that future, and her first love, without acknowledging the past?

What started as an easy diversion, until she could escape the man and the past that imprisoned her, may now be her downfall.

Olivia Marshall is about to discover that sometimes the easy way, is the hardest way out.

AUTHOR NOTE: Keeper, Book 1 is meant to lay the foundation for the three main characters and intentionally leaves many questions which are answered in Keep Her, Book 2. Find Her Free Her, Book 3 is the resulting reckoning and resolution long due Olivia Marshall.

(Adult material for ages 18+)

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