Camp Maple Creek : Jude Liebermann

Camp Maple Creek : Jude Liebermann

Camp Maple Creek

Denika is sent to a camp in Washington for the summer, where she meets and falls in love with Fionn. This mysterious fellow camper is not a normal teenaged boy, and she is intrigued by how he makes her feel. As she spends more time at the camp, she realizes she needs to discover the dark truth of what the place really is. Who can she trust to help her? Fionn or maybe the other new campers? One way or the other, she’s determined to right the wrongs that have been done. Here is a teaser from the book.

The guy can’t be much older than us, and I figure he must be another camper, but he wasn’t in the van. And I’m pretty sure all six of those boys are already seated at nearby tables. As the newcomer enters the cafeteria, it’s as if time slows down. Each step matching the opposite flowing arm, he moves with a grace I’ve never seen on a male before, let alone such a tall one. He has to be almost a foot higher than I am, and I’m considered tall.
His sandy blonde hair is short, but not cropped and slightly spiky with bright golden tips. His eyes are a shockingly pale blue, like Chris Pine blue. His gaze seems to take in everything all at once, yet he doesn’t focus on any one thing. He wears a loose white button down shirt over black jeans. I can’t tear my gaze away from him and watch as he walks over to the salad bar and grabs something, before turning and leaving the room. No more than fifteen seconds could have passed, but it feels like a lifetime to me. It is only then that I realize I have been holding my breath and let it out with a gasp.

This book combines both A Camp for Gifted Teenagers and A Camp for Gods and Monsters of the Maple Creek series, which are available separately as ebooks.  The paperback of Camp Maple Creek is available on Amazon for $9.95, but the ebook version is for sale at Jude’s Store for only $2.99.

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