John Dante’s Inferno – A Playboy’s Life : Anthony Valerio

John Dante's Inferno

John Dante’s Inferno – A Playboy’s Life : Anthony Valerio

John Dante's Inferno - A Playboy's Life : Anthony ValerioJohn Dante’s Inferno – A Playboy’s Life

The life of one of the Great Lovers of all time, John Dante lived the life of a bachelor’s fantasy, going from his humble beginnings in a small Italian village to the Playboy Mansion, where he lived for 26 years with Hugh Hefner and 40 of the most beautiful women in the world.

John Dante was a key figure in the first years of the Playboy empire, hiring Bunnies, training Bunny Mothers, and managing the Playboy jet. He befriended some of the most popular and important figures of our time, including Hugh Hefner, whom John paints as a “fascinating, complex man,” as well as Shel Silverstein, Lenny Bruce, Linda Lovelace, Don Adams, James Caan and myriad other personalities and stars.

A first hand, inside look. An important book from the life of the second-in-command.

“This is a highly original way of telling the story of John Dante, self-made namesake of the more famous Dante. Using the medieval poet’s vision of Hell as a kind of running parallel narrative, Anthony Valerio weaves a fascinating tale of ambition, excess, friendship, and rocking good times back in the day of the Playboy Clubs, replete with Bunnies, orgies, and hedonistic fun.

Valerio writes with verve and compassion about men and women who ran after their dreams and their pleasures with abandon, living as if youth, potency, and beauty would never end. They did, of course, and this gives a poignant quality to the book.”
Prof. Rebecca West, Chicago

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