Do you accept all books?

We accept almost all authors, genres, and books. However, we do not accept pornographic books; or books promoting hate, racism or violence. We reserve the right to reject any book submission without explanation.

How many books will I sell?

Our book promotion service is open to all authors and publishers and we accept all books without restriction. Unlike some other services, we don’t judge the content, subject or quality of the books we promote. The only limit we have is that we do not accept overtly pornographic books or books promoting hate, racism or violence. The book industry is very tough and crowded now, with a new Kindle ebook being published every three to five minutes. So gaining readers’ interest depends on many factors. The quality of a book and its cover are vital. Also, how well the book description is written and how many positive or negative reviews a book has received affect a book’s sales potential. In

Why is my book cover is cropped on Facebook and Twitter?

Every social media network has different specifications for images. Unfortunately, rarely do they accept portrait images. When it is possible, we make social media posts in portrait. However, we always endeavour to make social media cover images clickable to the book’s page on Whizbuzz Books. Read more about cropped images on social media.

You have a lot of Twitter followers. Are they bots?

No, our Twitter and Facebook following is totally organic. We have never bought followers and never will. Our social media network has been built over many years and our followers are generally interested in books, writing, publishing, blogging and other related topics. The amount of interaction on our social media accounts by such means as Liking, sharing and commenting is good proof of the vitality and organic nature of our accounts. If you would like to check our Twitter accounts, you can use Twitter Audit to verify our real follower score.