What are rotational posting queues?

Our book promotion on social media uses software programs to manage rotational posting on social media of all books that are within their one year of promotion. When a new book is published on our site, on day one, it is automatically posted to all fourteen of our social accounts as well as to Feedburner for email subscribers. Then, for ten days, it will be featured on the Whizbuzz Books homepage. After ten days, it will no longer appear on the homepage, although your book page will remain on the site, of course. Your book will then be added to our social media rotational reposting queues, and remain posting from them on a rotational basis until day 365. You can

How can I get my book into Popular Books This Month?

Book popularity is calculated on the most page views over a rolling 30 day period, so you need to encourage people to visit your book page. You can do this by sharing your page regularly on your own social media accounts. There are sharing buttons on your book page to make this very easy. Adding a link to your blog sidebar or at the end of your posts is also an easy way to get more page views. You can add a link to your Facebook page, Goodreads and other social media profiles as well. You can also add a link in your email signature. If you get your book into the 20 most popular books, the reward is that

How long will it be before my book is posted and promoted?

After we receive your book submission, we prepare your book page and buy links and add your author links. It is then scheduled for the first available date and time in our publishing queue. We only publish two to three books per day to ensure maximum exposure time for each individual book on our home page. We try to keep our publishing queue to under 14 days whenever possible, but in busy times the queue can become a little longer. On the day your book is published, it will appear on our homepage and be shared on all 14 of our posting accounts plus to Feedburner for our email subscribers.. Your book will then remain on the homepage for a

How can I check that my book is being promoted?

The best way to follow your book’s promotion on social media by Whizbuzz is to use our BUZZ page. This page lists book promotions by Whizbuzz on our primary accounts in real time, by date and social media network. Alternatively, you can use Facebook Search and Twitter Advanced Search. Search by using the full title of your book page on Whizbuzz. It is formatted as “book tite : author name” Copy your page title in full to search on social media sites. You can also use the same search term on Google.

What happens after the one year of promotion?

After one year, your book will remain listed on Whizbuzz Books, as will your author link. Your book will be visible in the genre pages of Whizbuzz Books, so your book will continue to be promoted for as long as it remains available for sale. After 365 days, your book will no longer be posted on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, nor will it appear in our More Great Reads, Popular Books or 100 Book Picks sections. Please note that if your book is removed from sale, and is no longer available, it will be removed from our site.

How will my book be seen during its year of promotion?

Whizbuzz Books uses cross-platform promotion. This means that your book will be seen and found in many ways in various locations. When your book is posted, it will be shared on all 14 of our accounts plus an email to subscribers. A first day blast, so to speak. It will then remain on the Whizbuzz homepage for at least 10 days. After this, it will be added to our rotational social media posting queues until day 365 of your book promotion. Your book will also be seen regularly in our More Great Reads section of every book page on Whizbuzz as well as in its two genre pages and on the 100 random books page. Depending on your book’s popularity,